Admin Staff experince in Parts Distribution (Indonesia)

Education : Degree or diploma with related experience
Experience : 3 to 5 years in Spare. Parts distribution or similar function
Competences / Specific knowledge :
-    Sales Administration skills
-    Customer oriented motivation
-    PC literate
-    Detail in work, independent and multitasking
-    English proficiency
-    Industrial environment aptitudes
-    Good teamwork and interpersonal skills

-    Responsible for efficient application of Sales Administration processes and policies
-    Responsible for Service Level performance and Customer satisfaction
-    Responsible for overall teamwork among team members
Ownership of a geographical area / zone :
-    Dedicated contact for a list of customers and/or subsidiaries
Accountable for customers’ satisfaction:
-    Manage customers quotation requests and orders up to the delivery according to the customers requests
-    Co-ordination with the technical, engineering, procurement, logistic services for a successful spare parts customer service
-    Co-ordination with the Customer Services Manager for a global service customer satisfaction
-    Work on the Spare Parts customers/subsidiaries service level for targets achievement
Accountable for customer’s payments :
-    Make sure to get a firm order from customers
-    Apply the appropriate terms of payments according to the amount of the order and the customers financial situation (with the support of the Sales Administration Dept)
Contribution to the sales objectives and issues :
-    Quotations follow-up with the Customer Services Manager
-    Co-ordination, support to the sales team and the sales organisation for the growth of the business
Apply processes: quotations and orders management :
-    Technical validation of the request (codification, equipment…) with the assistance of the technical Dept
-    Control and apply the pricing conditions (pricing zone, discount…)
-    Control and apply the terms of payment
-    Control and apply the terms of transportation
-    Control and apply the specific conditions linked to the customer and/or the country (documentation, official control before shipment…)
-    Fulfil one’s commitments (delivery time / back-orders follow-up)
-    Honour as much as possible customers delivery time requests (according to the possibility within the supply chain organization
-    Manage the discrepancies: wrong shipment, missing documentation, wrong pricing…
-    Record or transmit customer’s data (contact details, machines moving, terms of payment, terms of transportation…)
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