Tonido Download

access your files from anywhere Tonido enables you to run your personal cloud from your own computer and access your documents, photos, music and videos using another PC or native iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry apps. Your files are not uploaded to any third party server but remain securely on your computer at all times, the Tonido app provides the interface to access your content and connects you with your computer's IP address.Tonido includes a file browser, a jukebox to stream music files, a built-in desktop search tool, a personal blog and a web sharing option. You can further extend the functionality by downloading additional free and paid applications that can be integrated with Tonido.Since Tonido runs as a software on your computer, your PC needs to be turned on if you want to access your files. An optional hardware version (Tonido Plug) is available for purchase ($99) that plugs into your router and runs independently from your PC. 

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